6th July 2017 18:00 – 20:00

White Cloth Gallery, Leeds

Get a brief overview of the new .NET Core ecosystem, then get hands-on building an ASP.NET MVC6 app on your Mac, Linux or Windows laptop using C#

.NET Core is Microsoft’s open source platform for developing and running C# and F# applications natively on Linux, macOS and Windows.
During the hack night, we will discover what makes Core actually worth using, and cover:
* The new features of Core and differences from the traditional full .NET framework
* Core’s command-line tooling (No, it’s not MSBuild!)
* Writing C# on macOS
* Out-of-the-box features for application development and testing
* Package management with NuGet
* The build and publish pipeline
* Containerised deployment with Docker

This was a great event

Jonathan Boon

Northern Tech Events

Jonathan Boon

This was a great event
Northern Tech Events