This is the launch of an innovative startup, Liria Digital Health; intent on disrupting the health-tech industry for the benefit of ALL.

About us:

Liria Digital health provides a voice for clients with forgotten or under-researched health conditions and works collaboratively with them to create innovative technological solutions that lead to; better health outcomes, improve quality of life, and give our clients freedom to live their lives as individuals, not health conditions.

We work holistically based on evidence, not assumptions, and empower our clients to lead us in creating unbeatable user experiences in health tech adoption for them, by them.

Our flagship product is centred around the menopause. There are many health inequalities linked with this physiological change which impacts over 50% of the population as one of the last taboos in modern society.

We are going to create an innovative device that will transform the health consultations of people who are experiencing the menopause, and subsequently improve outcomes and educate and raise awareness of this significant change in people's life.

We are Liria Digital Health Get ready for a health-tech revolution!

Watch below if you missed it: